Ask Echo Professional Golf Mark Tee

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Color: Pearl White
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About the Ask Echo Tee

Ask Echo Professional plastic golf tees are a specialized tee constructed with top-grade PC material, which gives them unmatched durability, lasting for more drives than traditional tees.




PC material


1 1/2" - for irons, hybrids & low profile woods



Premium PC Material with Exclusive Formula

The new Golf Mark Tee is crafted from a premium PC material with a specially formulated design, ensuring exceptional hardness and durability in extreme temperatures, whether in scorching heat or freezing cold.

Ultimate Oversized 3-Point Support Pillars

Featuring an innovative ultimate oversized 3-point support pillar design, this tee ensures minimal contact area with the ball, reducing friction and interference during your swing, and achieving optimal trajectory and distance.

9° Angle for Straighter and Longer Shots

Our Golf Mark Tee is designed with a 9° angle, which helps you hit the ball straighter and farther. This optimized angle provides better ball alignment and reduces side spin, enhancing your overall performance on the course.

Ergonomic Design

The bottom 3-point support surfaces of the tee are equipped with finger grooves that conform to ergonomic grip design, enhancing finger hold and making it more comfortable and convenient to use.

Innovative Caliper Direction Indicator

Equipped with an exclusive caliper direction indicator and 5-level height adjustment, this tee caters to various club requirements for tee shots.

Portable Box

For added convenience, the Golf Mark Tee comes in a portable box, with each box containing 10 tees. This makes it easy to carry your tees with you wherever you go, ensuring you always have a fresh supply on hand.

PC Characteristics

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