What Golf Bag Should We Buy?

What Golf Bag Should We Buy?

There are multiple types of golf bags out there, such as cart bags, staff bags, stand bags, Sunday bags, and more! While not all golf bags share the same style, having a golf bag that meets our specific needs makes it easier to enjoy our round and play better golf.

How can we choose a right bag for us? First of all we should know not all golf courses are regulation length, 18-hole golf courses, and the type of golf course(s) we play has the biggest impact on what type of golf bag we need. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to have a tour staff bag with a full set of golf clubs if our home club is a 9-hole executive course.

Sunday golf bags are perfect for just about every non-regulation golf courses: par-3 courses, executive length golf courses, 9-hole courses, and everything in between. Sunday golf bags are also great for short game practice.

If we’re new to golf, and not sure how much walking we’ll be doing on the golf course, then a stand bag makes the most sense. It can still fit comfortably in a golf cart, allowing us the easy option to ride or walk depending on how we feel and how walkable the golf course is.

There are some golf courses out there that don’t allow walking, and if we play most of our golf at a course like this, then the cart golf bag or staff bag is the only logical choice. Having a stand or Sunday bag handy would be a good idea should we play another course that allows walking.

Now that we’ve gotten an rough idea of what type of golf bags are suits for the different courses, which one is right for our golf game? That depends on several factors, and we may need more than one golf bag.

We certainly hope this guide gives you an idea of how to choose the best golf bag for you. If you found this article helpful, please give it a like, and make sure to follow us for future content!

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