Golf Bag Development History

Golf Bag Development History

When golf started in Scotland in the mid-15th century, there were no golf bags. In those early days, the golf clubs were tied together with a kind of cord and carried by the players. In the 1900s a modern golf ball was invented as well as the first club-carrying golf bag. The first golf bags were made of canvas and leather with a height of around 88 cm and a small 4 opening at top. The ends were reinforced with metal for protection and stability.This corresponds to the size of today's pencil golf bag in 4.5 inches.

As the game grew in popularity and moved from the pasture to the golf course, more specialized clubs were invented.The golfer needed a larger golf bag with more space to carry golf balls, gloves and so on. The demands on carrying comfort increased. In the course of this development, leather, canvas and basket were replaced by lighter nylon and plastic during golf bag production: "This new golf bag not only easier to carry, it also more durable and less than half the weight of traditional golf bags, and it can fit more clubs, even included extra space to store balls, gloves, and even valuables." 

The golf cart was invented in 1956. Carrying the golf bag became less popular. With cart, the handling of the golf bag was easier and 9 holes played easier and faster. Golf bags have been provided with a "bottom" to make them easier to place on the cart.

In 1986, the first stand bags were developed what is considered by most to be the single biggest breakthrough in the modern golf bag. Today, the diverse demands of golfers are met with different types of golf bags. The features of the modern golf bag make the game of golf more efficient and faster.

The modern golf bag has become a fashionable status symbol.And many golf bags can be customized,every golfer can have their own unique golf bag now.

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